Our approach is unique — it is consultative, comprehensive, and collaborative. Most of all, it produces measured results.

Our Process

Executives Unlimited stands behind every contract to ensure total satisfaction for both client and candidate, guaranteeing your success.

We begin each assignment by learning about your company’s particular industry, conducting a competitive analysis and evaluating your business needs to ensure that we understand your specific objectives. As your partner, we assist you in evaluating your hiring needs. We believe “good enough” is just a starting point; excellence is our only acceptable standard.

Our consultative, collaborative, client partnership approach takes a holistic look at both your current and future leadership needs. Our comprehensive 360º search process includes our expansive candidate network, rigorous one-on-one sourcing tactics and in-person interviews, and our 18-month onboarding and post-placement follow-up.

Our depth of understanding and involvement with your leadership needs is in the best interest of all parties. As part of our advisory role, we review strategies, delve into financials, conduct multiple interviews and perform site visits. We provide clients with in-depth interview preparation.

We customize our search process for each client, providing industry education and insight. Our nontraditional approach to finding the right candidate makes Executives Unlimited the go-to firm for customized recruitment experience.

Our in-house research associates have extensive multi-industry background exclusively in executive search. When our team sources, identifies and assesses candidates, we verify credentials, and education and professional references to substantiate the candidate’s representations, accomplishments, leadership style, problem-solving ability, drive, initiative, character, and integrity.

We undertake an additional level of due diligence for finalist candidates, including presenting candidate management presentations to key constituents. Lastly after thorough reference, criminal and background checking, we help in negotiation of the terms of the offer, financial incentives, relocation, and objectives for success in the first 18 months of the new hire.

Once the ideal candidate has been placed, Executives Unlimited stays involved by helping the client successfully manage the onboarding. We believe careful attention to onboarding a new employee in the first critical months significantly increases effectiveness and retention. In keeping with our consultative approach, we track the candidate for up to 18 months, obtaining input from both parties, and will collaborate and consult as needed.

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