A Twenty First Century leader is extraordinarily talented at envisioning a future that does not yet exist within your company.

Our Services

Executives Unlimited is a national provider of retained executive recruiting and placement services. We also provide interim executives for short term and project needs. With unique expertise in assessing corporate culture and job-candidate criteria, we are able to identify proven leaders across organizational and corporate functions that inspire your corporate vision.

Retained Executive Recruitment

Family Office Services

Nonprofit Executive Search

Interim Executives

Positions in which we have placed candidates include:

Board Member Chief Executive Officer President
Chief Operating Officer Vice President Chief Financial Officer
Chief Marketing Officer General Manager Controller
Plant Manager Director Interim Project Executive

We operate on the principle that an individual is much more than a list of job titles, educational degrees and credentials. By taking the time to find what sets apart the superior candidate from other candidates, we identify intangible qualities that often cannot be found on a resume.

Our unique executive search process does not stop at merely identifying outstanding professionals. We review these individuals to get a deep understanding of their experiences, relationships and values. This enables us to evaluate not only how well they match the requirements of our client’s position but their personal ‘fit’ with the client’s organization.

To maximize the success of the placement, we help our clients clearly define their hiring objectives; map the exact specifications for the position; and articulate the organization’s needs, style and culture.

  • Testimonials

    Shari Gibbons, Chief Marketing Officer
    Woodbury University

    “EUI’s commitment to excellence and delivering a higher standard of service to both the candidates and clients is evident from day one of the experience.  EUI’s interpersonal skills, extensive research, and keen insight into the ups and downs of the working world provide a realistic and trustworthy approach to both client and candidate relationship management. Their competitive edge is seeing opportunities that other recruiters do not see by making unique connections between candidates and clients that drive results beyond what one might expect.

    “EUI provided informed conversations about all aspects of the institution and their hiring process that were invaluable and also helped to navigate the very difficult waters of interviewing for a job while still being consumed by an existing one.”

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