The Total Solution in Executive Recruiting

By Tomilee Tilley Gill, President

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In the highly competitive world of executive search, many firms measure their success simply by the number of positions filled. A job filled is a job well done, right?

However, at Executives Unlimited, Inc. (EUI) we could never be satisfied with just finding another person to occupy space. We go much deeper than that, coming alongside as a true partner in the process and helping companies answer difficult questions, such as: Do we really need to fill the role? If so, can we do so from within? Have we clearly defined realistic long and short term objectives for the executive? Have we considered an organizational restructure?

This process begins with extensive internal profiling and assessments to fully understand the company’s business and objectives, including its financial performance, marketing and branding approaches, unique culture, and the interview selection process.

In some cases, after the initial assessment, we’ve actually determined that filling the position is not the solution to our client’s situation and have provided input leading to a reorganized senior corporate structure that is more streamlined and efficient.

However, when executive placement is the answer, EUI is uniquely equipped to help our client clearly define their corporate hiring objectives and map out the exact specifications for the position to ensure that the right executive is selected.  And it shows in our successful results.

Numbers Don’t Lie

The result of EUI’s unparalleled dedication to the process is reflected in our impressive placement success rate. Ninety-five percent of the executives placed by EUI in 2001 still hold their positions today. We are especially proud of this fact since the industry average is just three years. Furthermore, more than 90 percent of the interim executives that we have placed have converted to permanent positions.

Our Guarantee

It is because of long-term success such as this that we can offer our clients an iron-clad guarantee: If the candidate we place does not work out during an agreed upon period of time, we will replace him or her for no additional professional fee.

We are this confident because of the 150 years of collective experience our staff represents in varying businesses and industries. Our Managing Directors are all esteemed business leaders, not sales people trained only in executive search which is so prevalent in the industry today. In fact, each one has proven expertise in managing middle-market companies, is knowledgeable in P&L management and financial statements, and understands and appreciates a CEO’s concerns with regard to profitability, improving sales and managing margin.

This expansive expertise allows us to specialize in manufacturing, consumer products, distribution, financial services, and technology-related services and products. And it is this kind of depth that sets Executives Unlimited, Inc. apart from the rest. Just ask one of our many satisfied clients which range from Fortune 100 corporations to companies as small as $12 million in revenue.

When the need for an executive search arises, know that Executives Unlimited, Inc. is ready to partner with you in the process to determine best-in-class solutions that work for you!