Our Clients

Executives Unlimited serves a global roster of clients ranging from entrepreneurial start-ups to mid-range companies to billion-dollar multinational corporations, both publicly and privately held, as well as nonprofits.

With offices in California, Utah, New Jersey and Connecticut, Executives Unlimited provides clients with a nationwide perspective of well qualified candidates for upper management positions including Presidents, Vice Presidents, Chief Executive Officers, Chief Financial Officers, Chief Operational Officers, Directors, General Managers, and Interim Executives.

Our Industries

With a client list of more than 700 companies worldwide, we serve a wide range of industries:

Automotive Family Office Manufacturing
Banking Financial Services Medical Devices & Equipment
Biotechnology Food Service Nonprofit
Construction Grocery Technology
Consumer Products Healthcare Services Transportation
Distribution Hospitality Real Estate Services
Education Logistics Retail & Apparel

Functional Expertise


President Chief Human Resources Board Member
Chief Executive Officer Chief Learning Officer Nonprofit
Chief Operating Officer Chief Transformation Officer Succession Planning
Chief Financial Officer Chief Marketing Officer Family Business
Corporate Controller Financial Services Private Equity
General Management Sales Mergers & Acquisitions

To discuss your executive search needs and schedule a complimentary consultation with a member of our team, simply contact our corporate office.

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  • Testimonials

    Jake Fermanian, Owner
    Super King Markets

    “When considering a search firm, look no further; Executives Unlimited exceeds all expectations. They spend the time to learn your business and more importantly, they ask the right questions. Their experience, knowledge, and staff allowed Super King Markets to recruit our Vice President of Finance & Vice President of Human Resources. Executives Unlimited is a truly professional firm. They understand the importance of follow-through and have the necessary criteria to determine if a candidate is the ‘right fit’ for the organization.”

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