Ryan Polk
Chief Financial Officer, CellPoint Corporation

“Tomilee, your organization has been impressive, which is a testament to your leadership. I’d like to thank Executives Unlimited for reaching out to me about the opportunity and kicking off this process. I really appreciated the thorough and prompt communication on scheduling meetings and exchanging information. I am thrilled to be joining CellPoint. Thank you to the Executives Unlimited team for your timely engagement and guidance throughout this process.”

Casey Weaver
Founder & Chief Executive Officer, Field Work Nutrition CO.

“Tomilee has been a great resource to me throughout my entire professional career. She has opened up many opportunities for me, as well as many people I’ve sent her way. She has also provided valuable insight and guidance. Tomilee takes a vested interest in everyone she works with, getting to know them and their particular circumstances, and helping them to identify opportunities that are the right fit. I’m very glad to have Tomilee as a resource and part of my professional circle.”

Judy Cantu
Director of Development, C5LA

“Executives Unlimited, Inc. understands that every organization has a unique culture and when an executive position is to be filled, the process must be handled with professionalism and finesse. As an executive looking for that “right fit”, I was impressed with the attention to the details and their process of getting to know me to ensure my new position would be a great fit for not only me, but for the organization as well.

I felt confident throughout the process. I especially appreciated the clear and timely communication from EUI – something I consider extremely valuable in today’s job-search culture.

I have now joined C5LA and I feel that I have made a valuable connection to a team of professional consultants. I enthusiastically recommend Executives Unlimited, Inc. to any executive embarking on a new job search.”

Sandra Pham
President of Shared Services and Chief Financial Officer, American Career College

Executives Unlimited acknowledges the significant and immediate impact Sandra Pham has brought as the President Shared Services and CFO  for American Career College/West Coast University. Sandra was the Vice President and CFO for Finance Operations at Kaiser Permanente for 14 years before she was initially contacted by Tomilee Gill, President of Executives Unlimited.

Sandra explained, “From the beginning, Tomilee was upfront about the ACC/WCU culture and the responsibilities of the position she was recruiting for. She did an excellent job learning about my background and experience so she could present me to the ACC/WCU and support how I would be a very good fit for the position.”

According to Sandra, EUI’s greatest strengths include, “Excellent attention to detail, strong and very timely follow up efforts, and exceptional professionalism.” She adds, “Even once I was placed, Tomilee checked on my transition to the role and the new organization. She clearly cares about her candidate’s success even after placement.”

Brian S. Skelton
Senior Vice President, Retail Regional Manager, Farmers & Merchants Bank

“When I first met with Tomilee, she was very helpful. I appreciated the time and effort she took with me to make sure I was representing myself in the best of light. I had not been adequately describing my experience and thanks to her candid insight, I was able to re-think my resume to more accurately describe my work experience, career progression and success.

“The Executives Unlimited methodology was extremely thorough.  They arranged all logistics and debriefing of the interviews throughout the recruiting process. I was given useful feedback to work with and I never felt as though I was left wondering what stage I was in or the  next steps in the recruiting process.

“EUI’s major strengths are communication and knowledge of their client’s needs.  Working with EUI was a pleasure and a good learning experience. I am now with an amazing organization and have a tremendous opportunity to succeed. I would use Executives Unlimited, Inc. over any other executive search firm.”

Adam Michaelson
Chief Marketing Officer, Farmers & Merchants Bank

“Executives Unlimited, Inc. is the best at what they do. EUI’s vetting process is exceptionally thorough, and their use of the personal narrative, written by the candidate, is a unique and beneficial aspect to their process. Beyond just the resume, it probes for personal style to assure alignment with a firm’s culture. No other recruiting firm I know of adds this critical extra layer of insight.

“The entire EUI team is without question one of the strongest recruiting firms in the US. Their unparalleled connections to Fortune 100 needs, their commitment to a thorough process, their respect for both the client and the candidate alike, combined with their trusted professionalism and charming style, make them a ‘best in class’ partner for many of America’s finest corporations.”

Shari Gibbons
Chief Marketing Officer, Woodbury University

“EUI’s commitment to excellence and delivering a higher standard of service to both the candidates and clients is evident from day one of the experience.  EUI’s interpersonal skills, extensive research, and keen insight into the ups and downs of the working world provide a realistic and trustworthy approach to both client and candidate relationship management. Their competitive edge is seeing opportunities that other recruiters do not see by making unique connections between candidates and clients that drive results beyond what one might expect.

“EUI provided informed conversations about all aspects of the institution and their hiring process that were invaluable and also helped to navigate the very difficult waters of interviewing for a job while still being consumed by an existing one.”

Norv Rivera
Director of Human Resources, Super King Markets

“I was very impressed with EUI’s thoroughness and attention to detail. I believe that EUI’s interviewing and selection process was the most thorough I have ever experienced, and this is a testament to the high quality process that EUI operates with. EUI does not take any short cuts and is in the business of delivering high quality and exceptional service. I highly recommend EUI for both hiring companies and candidates. EUI demonstrated that they are passionate in ensuring that a candidate is the right match for the hiring company and vice versa.”

Michelle LeBlanc
Vice President of Sales, Manhattan Beachwear, Inc.

“Executives Unlimited contacted me on behalf of their client regarding a Vice President of Sales position. Many recruiters have reached out to me in the past but I chose to return their email because of their high level of professionalism. EUI was very polite and took the time to really understand my strengths and experiences. They cared about me and my needs and helped me showcase my attributes in a way that would benefit their client.

“During the recruiting process, EUI took the time to listen to my concerns and offer sound advice on next-steps. EUI was a great conduit with the hiring company, and listened to what I was seeking which led to the ultimate result of job placement with a fantastic company!

“Working with EUI was successful because they were able to connect me with a job that fit both my expertise and personality. EUI was knowledgeable about the apparel industry and had interesting insight into the marketplace. EUI guided me through the process seamlessly and without stress.

You’ll never find a more professional, polite, and hard-working staff than EUI!”

Nick Mayer
President and CEO, Shakey’s USA

When asked what Executive Unlimited’s major strengths are from his perspective, Nick replied, “Communication with EUI was professional yet friendly. The job requirements were spelled out well and the process was transparent and welcoming.”

Nick added, “The EUI team explained the assignment in a most accurate light. I liked that they operated in the best interest of both parties to fill the role. EUI was trying to find the right fit for the position, not just any fit. They accurately interpreted my skills to the requirements of the company.”

In closing Nick mentioned, “I have dealt with an awful lot of recruiters over the years and some act like a job mill, but EUI has a personal approach. My questions got answered. The process moved at the right pace. It wasn’t too rushed, nor did it move too slowly.”

Frank Coleman
Chief Auditor, SVP, Farmers & Merchants Bank

Executives Unlimited acknowledges the significant and immediate impact Frank Coleman has had as SVP, Chief Auditor for Farmers & Merchants Bank.

Frank was initially contacted by Tomilee Gill, President of Executives Unlimited, during an opportune time when Frank was seeking a Chief Auditor role in Southern California.

Frank explained, “From the beginning, Tomilee was upfront about the Bank culture and responsibilities of the position she was recruiting for; she did an excellent job learning about my background and experience so she could present me to the Bank and support how I would be a very good fit for the position.”

According to Frank, EUI’s greatest strengths include “Excellent attention to detail, strong and very timely follow up efforts, and exceptional professionalism.”

In closing, Frank added, “I’ve been associated with a number of recruiting firms during my career and I view EUI as one of the very best I’ve worked with.”

Anne Kelly
Vice President of Sales, Manhattan Beachwear, Inc.

“I was referred to Executives Unlimited by a trusted colleague regarding a Vice President of Sales position that one of their client companies was searching for. I did research on the company and felt very comfortable after meeting with Tomilee that she understood my strengths and what I was looking for in a position, ensuring that our goals and objectives aligned.

“During the recruiting process, EUI did their due diligence to both fully understand my goals as well and the goals of the client company. Every interview was productive, meaningful and presented a genuine potential opportunity.

“Working with EUI was successful; they provided me with a different perspective and gave helpful insight. I felt that they had both the goals of the perspective company as well as my own in mind, so attaining the position was a win-win.”